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wednesday*march28* through tuesday*april3*


*Jason Bryant* <http://www.raandeskgallery.com/> opens at Punch and Judy, 26 Clinton St, btw Stanton and Houston, 6-9pm

First night of *The Gallery Bar Collective* <http://www.artforprogress.org/admin/eventImages/large/81_gallerybar_proof.jpg> , a mixer for artists and art lovers, 120 Orchard St, btw Delancey and Rivington, 7:30-11pm, presented by Art For Progress and the Gallery Bar

Women, War, and Photography, a panel discussion moderated by *Robert Pledge* <http://zingmagazine.com/drupal//drupal/www.newschool.edu/publicprograms> , at the New School’s Tischman auditorium, 66 W 12^th St, btw 5^th and 6^th , 7pm, Free, presented by Aperture


*John Zurier* <http://www.peterblumgallery.com/> opens at Peter Blum, 99 Wooster, btw Spring and Prince, 6-8pm

*Ted Mineo* <http://www.tedmineo.com/> opens at Deitch, 76 Grand St, btw Greene and Wooster, 6-8pm

Meet the Artists at *Deitch* <http://deitch.com/> , <http://deitch.com/> 76 Grand St, btw Greene and Wooster, 6-8pm

*Pierre Bismuth* <http://www.teamgal.com/> opens at Team, 83 Grand St, btw Greene and Wooster, 6-8pm

*100 Girls on Cheap Paper* <http://www.galleryhanahou.com/> opens at Gallery Hanahou, 611 Broadway at W Houston, 6-9pm

*Joan Jonas* <http://www.yvon-lambert.com/> opens at Yvon Lambert, 550 W 21^st st, btw 10^th and 11^th , 6-8pm

*Julie Evans* and *Sally Gall* <http://www.saulgallery.com/> <http://www.saulgallery.com/> open at Julie Saul, 535 W 22^nd St, btw 10^th and 11^th , 6-8pm

*Sylvia Sleigh* <http://www.i-20.com/> opens at I-20, 557 W 23^rd St, btw 10^th and 11^th , 6-8pm

*Hannah Van Bart* <http://www.marianneboeskygallery.com/> opens at Marianne Boesky, 509 W 24^th St, btw 10^th and 11^th , 6-8pm

*Karen Black*, *Antoni Llena*, and *Bojan Sarcevic* <http://www.bortolamidayan.com/> open at Bortolami, 510 W 25^th St, btw 10^th and 11^th , 6-8pm

*Dan Rushton* and *Elisa Lendvay* <http://www.motihasson.com/> open at Moti Hasson, 535 W 25^th St, btw 10^th and 11^th , 6-8pm

*Jonathan Lasker* <http://www.cheimread.com/> opens at Cheim and Read, 547 W 25^th St, btw 10 and 11^th , 6-8pm

*Teresita Fernandez* <http://www.lehmannmaupin.com/artists/teresitafernandez/> opens at Lehmann Maupin, 540 W 26^th St, btw 10^th and 11^th , 6-8pm

*Emily Noelle Lambert* <http://www.priskajuschkafineart.com/artists/Emily_Noelle_Lambert/Emily_Noelle_Lambert.php> opens at Priska C. Juschka, 547 W 27^th St, btw 10^th and 11^th , 6-9pm

Regarding Intimacy opens at *Hunter’s Leubsdorf Gallery* <http://www.hunter.cuny.edu/news/events.shtml> , 68^th St and Lexington, 5:30-7:30pm

*Markus Lupertz* <http://www.michaelwerner.net/> opens at Michael Werner, 4 E 77^th St, btw Madison and 5^th , 6-8pm

*James Rouvelle* and *Blithe Riley* <http://www.roulette.org/events/2007_03.html> perform at Roulette, 20 Greene St, btw Canal and Grand, 8:30pm, $15 <http://www.writing.newschool.edu/>

*Student reading shuffle* <http://www.writing.newschool.edu/> at the New School’s Lang Cafeteria, 65 W 11^th St, 5^th and 6^th , 6pm, Free pizza, beer, and wine

*John Singer Sargent* <http://jssgallery.org/> and the American Figurative Tradition, a lecture by *Trevor Fairborther* <http://archive.salon.com/sex/feature/2001/01/11/sargent/index.html> , PhD, at the National Academy, 1083 5^th Ave, btw 89^th and 90^th , 6:30pm, RSVP education@nationalacademy.org


Kiosk, curated by *Christoph Keller* <http://www.christophkeller.com> , opens at Artists Space, 38 Greene St, 3^rd Fl, btw Grand and Broome, 6-8pm

Temporary Services and Group Work, a book launch and exhibition, at *Printed Matter* <http://printedmatter.org/> , 195 10^th Ave at 22^nd St, 5-7pm

*William Klein* <http://www.howardgreenberg.com/> opens at Howard Greenberg, 41 E 57^th St, btw Park and Madison, 10am-6pm

No Bad Blood opens at *Cinders* <http://www.cindersgallery.com/> , 103 Havemeyer, btw Hope and Grand, Brooklyn, 7-10pm

*Cat Tyc* and *Sara Jaffe* <http://www.cat-tyc.com/calendar.html> present the Synesthesia Series at St Marks Poetry Project, St Marks Church, 131 E 10^th St at 2^nd Ave, 10:30pm

*Debbie Harry* interviews *Tamara Conniff * <http://www.nyu.edu/public.affairs/releases/detail/1456> at NYU’s Einstein Auditorium, Barney Bldg, 34 Stuyvesant St, btw E 9^th and 3^rd Ave, 6-8pm, call 212.998.6808 for more info

*Martin Creed Variety Show* <http://publicartfund.org/pafweb/projects/06/creed/creed-06.html> at the Abrons Arts Center, btw Clinton and Pitt, 7:30pm, $7 in advance


Six New Exhibitions and Projects open at *White Columns* <http://www.whitecolumns.org/> , 320 W 13^th St, btw 8^th and Hudson, 6-9pm

*Carla Klein* <http://www.tanyabonakdargallery.com/> and <http://www.tanyabonakdargallery.com/> *Ian Kiaer <http://www.tanyabonakdargallery.com/> *open at Tanya Bonakdar, 521 W 21^st St, btw 10^th and 11^th, 6-8pm

*Sam Durant* <http://www.paulacoopergallery.com/> opens at Paula Cooper, 521 W 21^st St, btw 10^th and 11th

*Stefan Kern* <http://www.andrewkreps.com/> opens at Andrew Kreps, 525 W 22^nd St, btw 10^th and 11^th , 6-8pm

*Elger Esser* <http://www.artnet.com/sonnabend.html> opens at Sonnabend, 536 W 22^nd St, btw 10^th and 11^th , 5-7pm

*Josh Smith* <http://www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/artists/josh_smith.htm> opens at Luhring Austine, 531 W 24th St, btw 10th and 11^th , 6-8pm

*Jude Tallichet* <http://www.sarameltzergallery.com> opens at Sara Meltzer 525-531 W 26th St, btw 10th and 11th, 6-8pm

*Tiger Translate* <http://www.tigertranslate.com/index.shtml> debuts at the Xchange, 640 W 28^th St, btw 11^th and 12^th , 8pm-12am, with Surface to Air, Mary Ping, and James Clar

*Florencia Bohtlingk* <http://www.hogarcollection.com/> opens at The Hogar Collection, 362 Grand St, Brooklyn, 6-9pm


*Patrick Grenier* <http://www.bronxmuseum.org/> performs Democratic Decrees at the Bronx Museum, 1040 Grand Concourse at E 165^th St, 3-5pm

*Sarah Lentz* <http://zingmagazine.com/drupal//drupal/www.myspace.com/sarahlentzmusic> and *ScottsRoger * <http://zingmagazine.com/drupal//drupal/www.scottsrogermusic.com> perform at Rose, 345 Grand St, btw Havemeyer and Marcy, Brooklyn, 7pm, $5 suggested, birthday cake after 9pm


Enter your sustainable interiors in the *IIDA/Metropolis Smart Environments Awards* <http://zingmagazine.com/drupal//drupal/www.IIDA.org/files.SEA> , deadline to request entry kit 4/6


*MoMA* is open, 10:30am-5:30pm, also 4/10

Screening of *Jarmusch* <http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120539/> ’s Year of the Horse, and local filmmaker shorts at Galapagos, 70 N 6^th St, btw Wythe and Kent, Brooklyn, 6pm, Free, presented by *Reel Life Movie House* <http://www.myspace.com/reellifemoviehouse>

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